Always being in love with paintings and being friends with Artists in Winter 2012 I have decided to open a Gallery while visiting my friend's Atelier. Seeing these treasures standing there and realizing him having no time left to go out selling his Art all by himself there was no question left: I had to do it. We startet with a little exposition at my apartment, continued with another and got rolling. 


Hermenau's is a Gallery which makes Art available online. Since it is different to see a picture on the screen, we offer you to send the artwork back to us if it is not what you have expected. Or you can always make an appointment with us and have a look at the original accompanied by a glass of wine or a cup of coffee by enjoying the view over the rooftops of Hamburg.


We sell contemporary Art to moderate prices.


We sell tailor-made Art for Corporations: Brands, Products, Services will be shown in the most intriguiung light. May interesting things be shown in an interesting way!  


You are an Artist and you think you would fit in our decent program? Plase apply! We are looking forward for you contacting us! 

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